Kimi Yeh – the colorful fantasy of female tender

 ARTCO, Issue 191, August, 2008


Kimi Yeh has been in the art world for years and has always had the passion for painting. Through these years, she continues accumulating experiences, finding a way to define herself. Her courage and a personality that knows no limitation led her into film industry and fashion design. She is a person who always pushes the envelope. A passionate and unrestrained artist like her finally took action after years of hard work, fulfilling her dream –the founding of Royal Art Gallery.

Royal Art Gallery opened in 2006. From the very beginning, Ye has given all her efforts into running this gallery. Besides showcasing her personal artwork, she discovered many young artists, providing them a space to create freely. This will be the main features of Royal Art Gallery in the future. Although this gallery gives the impression of majestic and grandeur, it definitely is a place that welcomes different experiments – full of spirit and vitality, so diverse like what Kimi Yeh has to offer. With her enthusiastic and endless energy, she and Royal Art Gallery will be the voice of the art circle in Taiwan.

The painting “Dance” seems simple enough, but it expresses how Kimi Yeh see through the various aspects of life. She started from a simple oval, using it as a symbol to compare to the capricious life. Different angles, shapes, and sizes represent the many life experiences she went through. Oval is also a metaphor of being considerate in every angle. Men and women could be formed by the transformation of the oval. Through her imagination, even a complicated life could seem odd and interesting.

The concept of “Golden Armor” is to express magnificent and overwhelming atmosphere. The creation was inspired by the movie “Curse of the Golden Flower”. Using acrylic paint, her fast and powerful brushstroke challenges your vision with sparkling gold. The empire at a time when the Tang Dynasty ended and the Five Dynasties started – their glamour and extravagant outfit is so haunting. This artwork unveils human’s never-ending inner desires.

Everything in life could inspire Kimi Yeh to create. Through her delicate mind, these things could transform into her painting. At this moment, abstract art is her main focus. A tint of feminine beauty and humor are hidden under her wild and bold brushstrokes. By depicting a certain scenario, she makes the artwork come to life. It is as if we could taste the ocean and feel the embrace of sea breeze in the time and space she created. Anyone who wishes to run away from the black and white of reality, they are welcome into the colorful fantasy that Kimi Yeh has to offer.